About Lafayette


Lafayette’s motto is:
We are Part of Something GREAT!

Growing   Reaching   Everyone   All   Together!

Students, staff, parents and community are working to create a school where all of us are learning and stretching our expectations together, every day. We are committed to providing a child centered education in which all children will be successful. We work together to provide an exciting, positive, productive and safe learning environment.

We encourage you to visit our school and classrooms, to take advantage of our PTA-sponsored evening activities, to eat lunch in our cafeteria and to check out books from our library.

As partners in education, we welcome you as a volunteer, committee member and an advocate for your child. With your support, encouragement, and enthusiasm, this school will continue to be one of the finest public schools in Seattle.

Spectrum Q & A Commonly asked ADVANCED LEARNING questions Click here for more information (PDF, 27 KB)

Resource List Parenting Clinic Click here for more information (PDF, 50 KB)